Bodybuilding Tips And Pointers For Men

bodybuilding before and afterHave you ever seen those adverts with before and after photos of individuals who have lost weight and attained a certain fitness level that seems almost impossible? Have you watched bodybuilding videos and wondered how the human body can withstand such stresses and strain?

Well, if you are like most people, you probably have. While fat loss might be a major concern for most people, chances are that you also want to build muscle, increase your metabolism, become stronger and healthier. In that regard, the following tips might help you.

1. Eat Right

Weight loss does not come easy, but the process can start off with just a few simple steps. All you need to do is pick the right foods to eat and avoid certain foods that are considered unhealthy. For instance, you should cut down on your alcohol and sugar intake. You should also eliminate from your diet any processed food that may contain industrial sugars, food additives and preservatives.

red meat forbiddenBe sure to also avoid red meats and fatty foods. Ideally, you should eat foods that have not been deep fried, such as french fries. On the other hand, you should up your fruit and vegetable intake. In addition to being rich in natural sugars, fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins and other minerals that are very beneficial to your body.

Now that you want to gain muscle, it is important that you increase your protein intake. Ideally, you should get all your proteins from plants. It is important to note that beans and garden peas are among the best sources of proteins.

2. Exercise on a Regular Basis

bodybuilder exercisingBuilding muscle requires a lot of physical activity. Muscle-building is simply the process of making your muscles bigger and stronger through repeated exercises. This usually happens as the body tries to adapt to the endurance, energy and strength requirements of the body. Since there are different types of muscles, it is important that you perform exercises to work all of them.

Dumbbells and bench presses are the best for building certain muscles, but running several miles a couple of times per week is an all-round exercise that will help you to achieve your goals. Sit ups, push ups, pull ups, bum pees, star jumps and weight lifting sessions are sure to help you gain muscle. Ideally, you should try to schedule your workout sessions three days a week. To gain muscle efficiently I can recommend the Mi40 training program by Ben Pakulski.

bodybuilder drinking water3. Drink Enough Water

There is a common belief that drinking eight glasses of water a day is enough. While that might be somewhat true, you should add four more glasses. This is because you are likely to lose a lot of water through sweating, breathing and urination during your fitness program.

When fat is burned, water is often one of the by-products, so you should drink enough water to replenish the body. In addition to being an important component of body cells, water also helps with regulation of body temperature to ensure that you do not overheat during your workout sessions.

Staying Happy Is About Fitness, Weight Loss And Bodybuilding!

healthy fit bodybuilderHealth is wealth! The surest way of achieving it is by keeping yourself fit. This can be done in several ways. Some resort to bodybuilding while others just prefer keeping their weight under control. Whatever you aspire for, discipline would be key factor. So why not give it your best shot when being fit is so important to leading a happy and fulfilling life? A fit body can ward off attacks by viruses and bacteria thus keeping you in good health most of the time.

Want to build body?

Bodybuilding needs a lot of discipline on your side coupled with a strong will to bend your back even when the body is not willing. The only person who can keep you from achieving a great body would be yourself. First, set a goal as to what kind of body you want.

Don’t be impractical with your aspirations. Know your body’s limitations and set the goals accordingly. Next comes the training part. Every time you begin exercising, make sure you move gradually toward heavy exercises. Begin with a little warm up and let your body get adjusted to the demanding exercises where each and every muscle would be pushed to its limit. Warming up before would extend the life of your muscles and keep you injury free. It is equally important to warm down after the session. Both, warming up and down are a few minutes’ processes and can be achieved simply by a few stretching exercises.

healthy dietKeep in mind that to build muscle, you will have to do more than just physical exercise. It has to be complemented with a proper nutritional diet to get results. To gain muscle and weight, you need to eat more though in a planned manner. Nutrients play an important role in building your muscles. Taking supplements would provide your body with the extra proteins and vitamins it will need.

Make sure you rest properly. This will help in the recovery and building of the tissues and muscles. Also, to prevent your body from getting used to the same ritual, mix the exercises or jumble their order often. For example you can go for a mix of biceps, triceps, chest and other exercises. The mix up would produce better results in building muscle.

How about fitness?

Building body should not be your ultimate goal. You should aspire for a healthy and flexible body. Staying fit is more about exercising the vital parts of the body every day. These vital parts would include your lungs, joints, thighs, ankles, arms and shoulders. It is always advisable to stick to a routine if you can.

Weight loss is also an important part of staying fit and it. It ideally requires four days a week exercise, however, you can go for more if your body permits. Aerobics have to be a necessary part of your fitness plan. Getting up early is one of the surest ways of staying healthy and living long. This has to be supplemented with staying away from fast food while increasing natural fibres in your meals. This will help you in quick fat loss.

A healthy body contains a healthy mind. Follow the above tips, and make sure that you make the most of your lives.

Bodybuillding Tips For Beginners: Secrets For Faster Results

bodybuilderMost men want a toned body for their own individual reasons. Some simply want to increase strength, while others want to improve their appearances. The problem with most of these men is that they have no idea how to go about weight loss or bodybuilding. These are the kinds of men that will rush to the first website they come across, and invest on supplements that either don’t work, or harm their bodies.

If you want to lose weight and tone your body, the first thing you need to do is find a workout routine that is designed for your individual needs. Remember, your body is very different from the next person’s, and it takes a customized workout plan to yield positive results. Personally I recommend the Customized Fat Loss program by Kyle Leon for that.

Below I have gathered some simple tips for you that will help you as a beginner, realize your fitness goals faster without putting your health at risk.

Work Out Less

If you are just a beginner, it is important to note that toning your body doesn’t happen overnight. There are thousands of products on the market that promise great results within a short period of time. Most of these products don’t work, and those that do, can harm your health in many different ways. The trick to a successful body building is to take things slow when you are just getting started.

Don’t be in a rush to gain muscle. Your body needs enough time to rest and recover from a training session. Note that muscles are built when your body is resting and not when you are in the gym. Working out 3 days a week is a good way to start. You can do a full body workout on Monday, rest on Tuesday and then do another full body workout on Wednesday, resting your body the next day and proceeding on the other.

Go for Free Weight Compound Exercises

bench pressWhen starting out, it would be better if you avoided machines, and instead went for free weights. Free weights allow for better range of motion and will help accelerate fat loss and develop muscles faster. Compound exercises such as Bench Presses, Deadlifts and Squats will help you simultaneously work on different muscle groups by allowing you to shift more weight.

Focus on Low Volume Heavy Lifts

If you are doing more reps in the gym, it might mean that your weights are not heavy enough, and are not helping you build muscle faster. However, if you used heavier weights and aimed for fewer reps, then you would actually be pushing your body to higher limits,

Mix Up Your Routine Every Now and then

Sticking to the same routine might not always be good for you. Most people hit a plateau with their muscle gain simply because they are doing the same thing, only harder. If you are to see the results faster, you’ll need to change the routines, which helps your body adapt faster.


Whether you are looking forward to losing weight or building muscle, you’ll need to incorporate the right types of foods in your work out routine. Without proper diet, you might never realize your fitness goals, and you’d be wasting a lot of time at the gym.

For better results, make sure you listen to your body and determine how it responds to different work out routines and diets.